A Painting of August for Uwe Heckmann's 60th Birthday

On the occasion of his 60th birthday, my mother gave Uwe Heckmann an oil painting of our August der Starke OLD while he was at Gestüt Vorwerk in Cappeln/GER. Practically no other horse we have could document the nearly 30-year old friendship between Oldenburg's star auctioneer and our family than August der Starke OLD. We bought this licensed Argentinus son at the 1999 Vechta Auction and in 2005 he breezily took the hurdle to Grand Prix, even qualifying for the European Championships. My mother also breeds August der Starke and his masterpiece so far is Augustin OLD, with whom I won the Nürnberg Burg Pokal and took fifth place in the 2009 EC - my greatest achievement so far. 

Dear Uwe, we wish you a very happy birthday and all the best for the future!

PS.: The painting was painted by Heike Landherr from Koberg/GER, who also painted a fantastic portrait of our Augustin OLD .


Warendorf/GER: Rosandro Takes Fourth Place at the Bundeschampionat

At the Bundeschampionat in the class for six-year old dressage horses, Rosandro and his rider Kira Wulferding took fourth place in the Final after having finished second in the warm-up test. Particularly his cadence and willingness to collect were praised by the judges. That resulted in an 8.5 for his trot, rideability and overall impression and an 8.0 for his walk - so overall an 8.2. 


Augustin OLD Second Best Dressage Stallion

In the FN Year Book which was just published, my Augustin OLD, who was bred by my mother, is ranked seventh among the most successful dressage horses in Germany.  He's even on second place in the ranking of the best dressage stallions. He won 27,800 Euros during the year - also finishing second in the Meggle Champions Final in Dortmund.


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