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Gloves made by Roeckl

The right feeling – that is what is really important for me when I ride. Riding gloves made by Roeckl fit like a second layer of skin, providing an excellent grip even when it's wet out there. And you can even tighten the girth or put on and take off a bridle wearing these gloves.

Fine, soft seams and innovative materials that provide great comfort are an absolute necessity if they are to fit perfectly and feel good. With very few seams in the gripping area and reinforcement in the right places, gloves made by Roeckl are also hard wearing.

Progress based on tradition. Ever since 1839, the name Roeckl has been inseparably connected to gloves. This honourable old company located in Munich which is family owned is now in the sixth generation.


Riding Apparel made by euro-star

Fashion or function? Both! Since 1959 the name euro-star stands for high quality riding apparel that fits perfectly and looks really great. Today, euro-star is one of the world's leading brands for riding apparel that is sold in more than 40 countries. The main focus of the new collections that are presented twice a year is always on riding breeches. High quality materials as well as year of experience and made by hand in Mönchengladbach/GER guarantee a perfect fit and feel very comfortable.


Saddles made by Niedersüß

In cooperation with the saddler, Karl Niedersüß, I developed a saddle model of my own. For me it is important for the rider to be able to sit as comfortably as possible. Karl Niedersüß and I continuously exchanged our thoughts and experience and again and again I tried the saddles out and compared them. We were finally able to construct a saddle that allows optimal communication between horse and rider.
With this development, a circle has closed: my mother rode on saddles and with bridles made by the saddler, Karl Niedersüß. Karl Niedersüß even made it possible for Mon Cherie to be safely transported to Moscow by plane for the Olympic Games in 1980 by constructing a special belt.


Footwear by Ariat

In the equestrian footwear sector, Ariat is the world's leading brand. Continuous further development of foot beds, quality and style make these products an indispensable necessity for riders and people who deal with horses. You'll find something for any taste and any budget: Jodhpur boots, chaps, western boots, casual footwear or work boots in all variations. Since Ariat products have been a matter of choice for me for some time now, I am particularly happy about our cooperation. Their quality, fit and durability convinces everyone. And they also have an extensive line of trendy accessories such as belts and handbags. It's always worthwhile to take a look and see what's new!